Celebrating 30 Years: Thanks to Our Virginia Winery Partners

driver with van terra for virginia winery tour

Reston Limousine provides winery tours in limousines, sedans, SUVs, vans, Van Terras (shown here), minibuses and motorcoaches. ADA vehicles also available!

Reston Limousine’s success over the last 30 years can be attributed to CEO Kristina Bouweiri’s strategic diversification of services. At its founding in 1990, the company served only corporate clients with a fleet five vehicles. Today, Reston Limousine serves 13 market segments, including Virginia winery tours. We have been operating our award-winning Loudoun winery tours since 2002, before Loudoun’s Wine Trail grew into what is now called DC’s Wine Country.

Today, our tours stand out in the marketplace thanks to our drivers’ years of experience taking guests into the county’s back roads and our strong relationships with our valued winery partners. We offer both public winery tours for groups on weekends as well as private tours for clients seeking a customized experience.

868 Estate Vineyards

virginia winery tour 868 estate vineyardsAt 868, our relationship with Reston Limo is a true partnership where we work together to open up new experiences for people in our area.

There’s no greater gift to our winery customers than for them to be able to travel safely between vineyards and home. Reston Limo has consistently provided top-notch transportation for our weekend customers, our wedding parties and our restaurant customers. This reliability has certainly played a part in our ability to grow our customer base!

The clients on the Reston Limo public wine tours know that Reston Limo will to bring them to vineyards where they have confidence that the service, the wine and the ambiance will be a great Virginia experience. We are pleased to have been in partnership with Reston Limo public wine tours for the past seven years and look forward to many more.
~ Nancy Deliso, owner

Corcoran Vineyards

virginia winery tour corcoran vineyardsIt has been a pleasure to work with Reston Limo for so many years. Reston Limo is a very professional company that provides a service to many customers which benefit the Virginia wineries. They ensure an on-time arrival and departure, make sure the guests are not intoxicated and unruly which makes for a very positive tasting experience. Now that there are so many venues to go to, we don’t get as many groups as we use to, but it is always nice when we do. We look forward to our continued relationship this year and the years to come.
~ Lori Corcoran, owner

Three Fox Vineyards

virginia winery tour three fox vineyardsWe would highly recommend Reston Limousine to new wineries. Your drivers are professional, and your guests are well behaved. We look forward to getting started on our 2020 season together.
~ Holli Todhunter, owner

Willowcroft Farm Vineyards

We have been overjoyed to share a business partnership with Reston Limousine over the years. Wish I could pinpoint exactly how many years, but not sure of the partnership before I started here at Willowcroft, which was 14 years ago. We really appreciate the Reston Limo groups that come to visit us. They are always very well mannered, inquisitive about the inner workings of our winery and vineyards and many come back to see us at a later time! The drivers are always timely and courteous. The scheduler at Reston Limo always gives us advance notice of groups, so we are always ready for their visit.

virginia winery tour willowcroft farm vineyards There are many new wineries popping up in and around Loudoun County. To the newbies, I say: Definitely consider a business partnership with Reston Limo. They are professional, organized and are always looking out for both the wineries and their best interest. Reston Limo creates a fun and educational experience which highly benefits both the winery and also the relationships that these inner county wineries share. Groups usually visit alike routes so winery managers get to know each other and also help promote each other. At the end of the day, we are all working for the same goal … the promotion of Virginia wine as a whole and it is wonderful to be able to do so with friends/partners like Reston Limo and our neighboring winery partners as well.
~ Kelly Peck, administrative director and business manager

Winery 32

virginia winery tour winery 32Reston Limousine was one of the first wine tour companies that we started working with when we opened our doors five and a half years ago. We slowly gained momentum with the number of (public winery tour) participants over the first year or so, but we were the new kids on the block! Now our tours are almost always sold out and we love it when Reston Limo asks us if we can squeeze in a few more. We always feel that the clientele that Reston Limo brings is great for our business and we believe that the end result is from word of mouth from happy customers.

(To new wineries considering a partnership with Reston Limousine,) I would not hesitate to partner with Reston Limousine. Whether it is through a public wine tour, or a private group coming via Reston Limo. We always have advanced notice so we can ensure that our customers are provided with the best possible service and experience that we can provide when they arrive.

Your drivers are always extremely professional and accommodating. A special shout out to your driver Eve who is always pleasant, kind and looking out for her passengers!
~ Roxanne Moosher, owner


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