4 Ways to Propose With Favorite Brands

At Reston Limousine, we get our share of requests to help someone – usually the gentleman – to propose to their special someone.

There was Patrick, who had joined one of our brewery tours previously and asked us to be in on his proposal to Natalie, winner of our one of our giveaway contests — click here to read their proposal story!

And then there was Darien, who also wanted to surprise his girlfriend Jasmine by proposing while on a winery tour with us — click here to see his proposal at Willowcroft Farm Vineyards!

Recently we’ve seen a variety of ways you can customize the packaging on some of the most popular brands – order them and have them ready in a limo for a unique way to propose! Click on the links below to customize your order.

1. Share a Coke and a ring

Coke framed


2. Color Me Loved with Oreos (available for the holidays only)

Oreo framed

3. Will you M&Marry me?

M&Ms framed

4. Frosting on the (Georgetown) Cupcake 

Georgetown Cupcakes framed



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