A Personal Message from Kristina Bouweiri

A personal message from our President and CEO, Kristina Bouweiri, about the recent limo crash in New York.

Our hearts and prayers are with the families involved in the deadly crash in upstate New York.  Any accident affects our whole industry and we are devastated that this happened.

 We have been hearing from friends far and wide about how awful the crash was.  It is especially close to home because I have four daughters and can’t imagine losing any of them let alone all of them. 

 We want you to know that the majority of  limousine companies out there are safe. Our vehicles are in our shop on a regular basis for preventative maintenance.  We are highly regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT.)

 The DOT does regular audits and posts safety ratings of registered companies on their website. In addition, always check reviews to ensure the company has a solid reputation. The whole situation is just awful, so please check DOT safety ratings and online reviews before you hire a car.

 -Kristina Bouweiri

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