Fun Friday: Craft Beer Month

Purcellville, Virginia, or Pville for short, is home to many of Loudoun’s finest breweries.  In an effort to beat the rush of Virginia’s Craft Beer Month in August, Reston Limousine went for a beer run.  Not a literal run, but a tour of the area’s craft beer for this week’s #FunFriday.  After getting a later start than usual, we headed to 28404990012_9e4fe1dbb9_k Monk’s BBQ to fill up for lunch.

They had everything you’d expect at a BBQ joint with a bit of a twist.  Not only did they have the pulled pork, beef brisket, slaw, mac n cheese, etc. but they also had their special Bacon on a Stick and custard-filled corn bread.  Bacon on a Stick?!? Yes, Bacon on a Stick.  A half inch, thick-cut strip of bacon almost resembling pork belly all skewered on a stick.  With multiple sauces to choose from, we each picked our favorite to add a little extra flavor.

Craft Beer Time

Now that we had enough food to get us through the tour, we drove just a few minutes away to 28416839882_a17c58de06_kCorcoran Brewing Company.  To get a full spread of what they had to offer, we ordered two tastings of 5 beers each consisting of 4oz.  The resounding favorite was Dutchman’s Creek, a German-style Hefeweizen.  With free popcorn as the side, the beer and food made for a surprisingly good pairing.

After the short stop at Corcoran and a fairly decent buzz going, the crew set out for 27906911393_87994c1825_kAdroit Theory .  This nanobrewery is much different than Corcoran as they brew a darker beer.  We didn’t stay here long only because of the unbearable heat outside and Adroit’s lack of air conditioning.  Aside from the temperatures, the beer was exceptionally good and helped keep just the right amount of inebriation.

The final stop of the tour took us to 28490921526_9add24e4f9_kBelly Love Brewing Company.  Here we were once again blessed with air conditioning and the ever so familiar pork belly – this time in a taco.  With some of the most unique names around, they certainly know how to get people laughing.  From Narcissist to Shut the Fook Up to My Bitter X, the owners must have had quite the past.

With the day winding down and our time in Purcellville coming to an end, Christine, Therese, Barbara, and myself hopped in the car for home (the office).

Interested in taking a day trip to Purcellville breweries without worrying about driving? We have vehicles ranging in size from sedans to motorcoaches and can accommodate any size group. Booking your vehicle is as easy as 1-2-3!

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