Another successful Reston Limousine proposal!

Darien May had a feeling his girlfriend of five years, Jasmin Smith, might have an inkling he was going to propose. So instead of choosing Valentine’s Day to pop the question, he decided to do it while they’d be busy doing something new to them: taking a winery tour. Specifically, our Feb. 7 public wine tour to Willowcroft Farm Vineyards and Dry Mill Winery.

With no experience on how the tours worked, he enlisted our help. Chauffeur Ed, greeter Hannah, Marketing Assistant Christine and her boyfriend Josh all worked behind the scenes to prepare for the big day!

Proposal collage framed

We called Willowcroft Farm Vineyards to let them know we’d be setting up one of their picnic tables outside with flowers, a tablecloth and their lunch. Thankfully, the weather gods were upon us and while a little chilly, it was tolerable enough that Darien could convince Jasmin they could eat outdoors.

Outside framed

They started with their sampling in the wine barn, where Willowcroft staff member Zachary introduced Jasmin and Darien to the reds and whites on Willowcroft’s tasting menu.

Tasting framed

Meanwhile, we set up the table outside and introduced ourselves to the resident kitty while waiting for Darien and Jasmin to complete their tasting.

Kitty framed

They finally come outside and sit down for lunch. Darien looks a little nervous…

Table Van Terra

Until Zachary comes outside to pour a chilled bottle of Albarino and give them a little history about Loudoun County’s oldest winery.

Zachary franed

Then it’s time… Darien starts by telling Jasmin they’ve been going out for five years and… She’s puzzled at first…

Propose start framed

Then he asks her to stand up… She’s starting to realize what’s happening…

Realization framed

And then she brings down the house with everyone watching by bursting into tears…

Tears framed

Of course the answer is yes!!!

Yes framed

The excitement is too much… ”I can’t eat!” Jasmin tells us.

Cant eat framed

That’s OK, we’re looking at our pictures too…

Pictures framed

And that’s a wrap!

Wrap framed

Congratulations to Jasmin and Darien, and thank you to our partners at Willowcroft for helping us create some special memories for their proposal!


















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