Reston Limousine transports students to Special Needs Day Prom

For at least six years now, we have been proud to support a wonderful event that allows special needs students to experience a high school tradition: Fairfax County Public School’s Day Prom. The celebration took place May 12 at The Waterford, where teens from 11 schools enjoyed the complimentary party.

“It’s a great place where they can just be themselves,” Chantilly High special ed teacher Patti Caplan told The Connection Newspapers in an article published on May 18. Caplan also noted our contribution in the article: “And this year, Reston Limousine donated its time and a limousine with a wheelchair lift for us,” said Caplan. “It was super fun. The driver put on the radio, and the kids were singing, the whole time. We wished we had a longer drive.”

You can see for yourself what a great time the kids had at this event on this video by Chantilly High School; the segment start at 2:47 and we have a cameo at 3:30:

The prom got its start in 2002, when Chris Pascarella, former Special Education Department chair at Herndon High School worked to have students from three schools celebrate at the Reston Hyatt, according to The Connection Newspapers. The event has since grown to 11 schools this year.

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