Spring Has Sprung!

As this blog is being written, it is cold and rainy which is the opposite of the focus it was meant to take.  Sigh, Mother Nature clearly has a mind of her own!

However, rain and cold aside, spring has indeed sprung and there are signs all around us – just see for yourself!

Cherry blossoms are blooming, not just in DC, but in neighborhoods all around us.  Enjoy them while you can because like the author of this post, the beauty is short lived.

If you have come out of winter hibernation, you will notice that people are everywhere and oh-so-ready to enjoy all that the DMV has to offer!  From hiking trails, to enjoying adult beverages at local wineries and breweries, to grabbing a bite to eat outside with family and friends, to exploring the monuments and parks in our nation’s capital people are out and about, and loading up on all things good for the soul.  One perk to living in this area is that there is never a shortage of things to do, and springtime makes it that much more appealing!

But you might not have time to do any of those things mentioned above, because if you haven’t heard, weddings are back and there are many couples that have put their nuptials on hold long enough (thank you Covid) and are ready to tie the knot.  The wedding planning site, The Knot, anticipates that as many as 2.6 million weddings will take place in 2022! If you are one of those couples, don’t let your transportation needs take a backseat to your wedding plans.

Last, but certainly not least, April reminds us to celebrate and recognize Earth Day.  Yes, Mother Nature can be a bit unpredictable but thankfully she reminds us all to protect ourselves and our planet.  Earth Day is our gentle reminder that if we all work together to take care of our planet, it will take care of us.

As always, Reston Limo is here to help you from Reservation to Destination and when your transportation needs are taken care of, you can’t help to have a bit more spring in your step!

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