SmartCEO: Kristina on investing in the brand

Today is Day 2 of our series sharing President and CEO Kristina Bouweiri’s thoughts on Brand-Driven Leadership as part of a panel at  the 2011 SmartCEO G3 conference.

In today’s installment,  Kristina answers how she as a CEO commits to investing in the brand:

I’m lucky in a way because in my industry we only pay the drivers when they’re working so we haven’t had to cut back and lay people off because they either have work or they don’t. And we’ve been able to maintain a steady stream of drivers. With the government contracts they are paid 40 hours, they do get full fringe benefits. So my industry being a limo/bus mixture has really helped us a lot because they can drive for a government contract in the week, and then on the weekends they can drive a limousine for a wine tour or a wedding. And it has allowed us by diversifying and helping 12 different markets to keep our employees busy. We’ve been able to weather the storm through the recessions and not really lay any of the chauffeurs off. We find you always have to invest in technology if that is your brand and you are trying to stay ahead of your competition.

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