When peers become mentors

Here’s another page from Reston Limousine CEO and President Kristina Bouweiri’s journal.

Today, she writes about her experience with Vistage, a professionally facilitated peer advisory group that helps CEOs, business owners and senior executives to become better leaders, make better decisions and ultimately achieve better results.

Vistage meetings open the world of knowledge

Kristina Bouweiri

Friday was my Vistage day.  Vistage is a CEO membership organization that blends the power of a peer group with private mentoring sessions led by a seasoned advisor, and fresh ideas and perspectives from thought leaders around the world.  One day a month I take a day off from work and meet with 17 other CEOs for an offsite retreat.


In the morning we have an amazing (Harvard MBA quality) speaker.  In the afternoon we solve each other’s business problems.  It is like having 17 additional brilliant minds working on my business!


Our meeting today was held at Inova Loudoun Hospital.  One of our members is a physician who runs the emergency room at the hospital.  I have enjoyed having doctors as friends. They are extremely helpful when you have a medical emergency (or not!)


On our lunch break we were given a tour of the hospital that included a tour of a Cath Lab.  We were allowed us to watch a patient’s procedure. The technology was amazing.   We were told that most heart attacks and strokes could be treated as soon as the patient is in the ambulance and as long as they get to the hospital in less than 90 minutes, they can generally leave the hospital several days later without any long-term damage.


So, today, I am feeling grateful.  Grateful that I live in this amazing country.  Grateful that I am a business owner who is also a lifelong learner and that I am open to meetings and educational opportunities that have truly broadened my horizons. I am energized and intellectually stimulated by the people I meet.

Life is good!


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