CEO Kristina Bouweiri on Motivation

Reston Limousine CEO Kristina Bouweiri had the honor recently of appearing on a Washington Business Journal poll of the Most Motivational CEO, and so we asked her to share her business advice on motivating those around her.

“I motivate, I think, women in business because I’m the largest limousine service in Washington and the 17th largest in the country so as a woman in a male-dominated industry I believe I   motivate and inspire women in business, and I do everything possible to help them including hosting a monthly networking lunch for women in business in the greater Washington area.

“I motivate my employees by being kind, approachable and having an open door policy. And even though I have 300 employees I believe we treat everyone as family and they feel as if they are part of the bigger picture of a company that has a mission to be the best company in the city. We don’t want to be the most expensive, we don’t want to be the least expensive, we want to be the company that is known for providing excellent service at reasonable prices and that we have a very big heart and we provide transportation for those in need and we give back as much as we can.”

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