Girl Scouts Honor Kristina B.

GSCNC CEO Lidia Soto-Harmon with Cadette Troop 2053

In this historic year when Girl Scouts celebrates its 100th Anniversary, Reston Limousine CEO and President Kristina Bouweiri has been asked to be a speaker at Camp CEO, a unique mentoring program matching women executives with girls from the Girl Scout of the Nation’s Capital.

The invitation came during a recent breakfast with Lidia Soto-Harmon of the Girl Scout Council of Nation’s Capital, who had wonderful things to say about Reston Limousine!

From Kristina’s note to the Reston Limousine team:

I was invited to breakfast this morning by one of our clients, Lidia Soto-Harman, President & CEO of the Girl Scouts. She wanted to take me to breakfast to thank me because she broke her arm earlier this year and we drove her to and from work for six weeks.

She spent 45 minutes telling me how great Reston Limousine is. She loved each and every driver. She remembered them all by name. She especially liked Tim Baker, Peggy Thompson and John Bartelloni. She said that on top of being punctual and professional, she felt our company is unique because each and every chauffeur was extremely KIND to her. She said you can’t hire for or teach kindness. She said what we have done at Reston Limousine is create a culture of kindness and it shows.

She said each chauffeur was extremely happy working for Reston Limousine and loves the company. She said each chauffeur spoke highly of me and for that I am truly grateful.

Lidia also sent a note to Kristina:

Dear Kristina,

I want to thank you for taking care of me so well during the period I was recuperating from a shattered arm. I was fortunate that ALL your drivers were professional, kind and so patient with me during this physically challenging time. For over a month, I was driven every day to work and meetings, each time my experience was stellar. You are very lucky to be surrounded by such a talented staff that clearly understand the importance of impeccable customer service and safety. I will gladly recommend Reston Limousine to anyone in need of transportation.

Thank you,

Reston Limousine congratulates the Girl Scouts on 100 years of teaching girls to be leaders in all industries!

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