Inova Loudoun Hospital Foundation Honors CEO Kristina Bouweiri

We are thrilled and proud to announce that CEO Kristina Bouweiri has been awarded the 2018 Golden Helix Award for her dedication and service to Inova Loudoun Hospital.

Presented with the award at the Inova Loudoun Hospital Foundation holiday party on Dec. 6, 2018,  Kristina was left speechless at the honor. Thankfully, there were others to speak for and about her:

Kristina is the perfect recipient of the Golden Helix award – it’s about bringing people together to touch the lives of others. Kristina is someone who is so sincere in everything she does leading others to be inspired to join her.
Edward Puccio, medical director for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Inova Loudoun Hospital

I really see Kristina as a connector. There have been so many that I’ve met as a result of my relationship with her – and she does it so naturally. So I really appreciate everything she’s done for us, that she continues to do for us, and what she does for this community. I really think she’s a force to be reckoned with.
Deborah Addo, CEO of Inova Loudoun Hospital

There are two things about Kristina Bouweiri that everyone needs to know. First, there’s not a person in the Washington DC area that she doesn’t know. And secondly, there’s no one with a bigger heart.
Sharon Virts, Inova Loudoun Hospital Foundation trustee and Virts Miller Foundation executive director

For a community to really be successful, you need a couple of things. One is you need committed citizens to make sure that success occurs and you also need passion. And I think those are two great adjectives for Kristina. I think we see that in her every day.
Scott Miller, Loudoun Education Foundation president

Hear more accolades in the video:

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