Kristina B. in The Washington Post's On Success

Taking a leap of faith in the world of business without knowing what the results would be. Contemplating the privacy of celebrities during major moments in their lives. Comparing work styles when you’re an employee vs an owner.

Reston Limousine CEO & President Kristina Bouweiri offers her experience and perspective on these and other topics as a columnist for The Washington Post’s On Success panel. Kristina joins other Washington DC-area executives in sharing their advice and thoughts on thought-provoking topics.

Here are some excerpts from her columns:

On how life is full of surprises: “I’m light years away from the International Affairs major who once thought she’d be a Foreign Service officer, and I know I made the right choice!”

On the paparazzi and celebrities: “While I understand the media’s interest and the public’s desire to learn the details of the wedding of a former president’s daughter, the fact remains that Chelsea is a private citizen.”

On working as an employee vs as an owner: “Now that I am in my 40s, I look back at how hard I worked in my 20s and know I could never work those hours again.”

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