Kristina on the Firing of Jim Zorn

In her latest On Success column on the, Reston Limousine CEO and President Kristina Bouweiri offers her take on the ouster of Jim Zorn as coach of the Washington Redskins.

The asked, “After two unsuccessful seasons, Washington Redskins Coach Jim Zorn was fired from his job this week. How hard is it for people to recover from being labeled a failure? Do you think Zorn will get another chance to coach in the NFL?”

Here’s part of Kristina’s column:

I do not believe that Jim Zorn is a failure. Zorn may not get another job as an NFL coach, but he inherited a team that had problems. Any team that has seven coaches in nine years is a problem.

These problems will not go away overnight. I believe the owner of the team needs to stop micromanaging the coach and give them a chance. There is so much pressure working under Dan Snyder, how can anyone succeed?

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