Reston Limousine drivers provide 'exceptional service'

We at Reston Limousine are extremely proud of the dedication and professionalism of all our staff, and particularly those who are on the front lines of our our business — our drivers.

So we love it when the public also recognizes   drivers such as Alaeldin Maki, who was behind the wheel of a George Mason shuttle bus during the Jan. 26th snow storm:

Dear Mason Shuttle (Reston Limousine) Staff :

I am writing (a bit belatedly) to commend your driver Aladen Maki for exceptional customer service during last week’s snowstorm   (1/26/11).

Alaeldin Maki

I was one of about a dozen GMU students temporarily stranded at the Prince William campus, waiting for the 4 PM shuttle back to Fairfax– which finally arrived at 9 PM, due to the terrible condition of the roads.   By the time he got to us, Mr. Maki had already spent 6 hours on the road between Fairfax and Prince William.   I’m sure he wanted nothing more than to get off the road and go home; however, he made it his priority to get all of US to OUR homes instead.

The trip back to Fairfax took 2 hours and was, frankly, harrowing: full-volume traffic packed together on a slippery road with invisible lanes, inching forward while trying not to lose traction, bump neighboring vehicles, or wreck the undercarriage bumping over the lumps of ice.   In the face of this challenge, Mr. Maki demonstrated true professionalism in every way, handling both the vehicle and the stress level with patience and tenacity.   I am certain that a less-experienced driver would not have been able to get us home safely– or to smile quite so broadly once we got back to Fairfax– and Mr. Maki did both.

We talked for a moment after the arrival, and that was when I found out that he lived in Prince William– he had willingly given up any chance of getting home to his own family that night, in order to make sure that we could get home to ours.

I ride the GMU campus shuttles every day, and frankly have come to take the consistent service for granted.   However, the level of service displayed by Aladin Maki went well above and beyond what was expected.   I would like to express my thanks to him for his exceptional service, and to recommend him for whatever professional commendation your organization deems appropriate.


Cathaleen A. King
PhD student, GMU

This experience isn’t unusual, by any means. Read on about another of our exceptional drivers, Charles Triplett:

Dear Margaret Day (Reston Limousine Dispatch Manager),

Charles Triplett

I could not let the opportunity pass without telling you how thankful we are to Chuck Triplett for taking such exceptional care of our OLLI members during last week’s snowstorm. The feedback I received from people who had to endure that trip was that Chuck “was a prince; he could not have been more patient, kind or helpful.” In short, he went way beyond the call of duty!

Chuck safely  drove our members during very heavy snow fall and bumper-to-bumper traffic that paralyzed the Washington area for hours. When he finally arrived at the Fair Oaks Mall (8 1/2 hours later!) and his duties were officially done, he did not leave our members stranded to fend for themselves. He helped each one of them dig out their cars and he even stayed with one member until help arrived to get her into her locked car.

Chuck has our deepest appreciation and heartfelt praise for what he did! We have included an additional $50 tip as a small token of our appreciation.


Thom Clement
Executive Director, Osher Life Learning Institute

Alaeldin Maki and Charles Triplett represent the level of customer service that has made Reston Limousine the premier transportation company in the Washington DC metropolitan area!

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