Reston Limousine saves the day

Reston Limousine is committed to the highest levels of customer service, which our clients often recognize. In a recent letter to us, Josh Cantor, director of parking and transportation at George Mason University,  writes to let us know just how much he appreciates the efforts of our hard-working employees:

“We had a situation on campus today with several dozen students from a high school program staying on campus that got very ill. We had County Health, fire, EMS and police all over. We also had parents coming in from all over to get their kids. We had some with no cars as they had flown in. I called Jimmy and he got Charlie to come over and help transport families to INOVA AccessUrgent Care up the street from campus. Later Charlie helped give several a ride back to campus. Becky then assisted with getting several students to Dulles that had missed their original rides when they were being assessed in the hospital.


I can’t thank Reston Limousine and Jimmy, Charlie and Becky enough for their help and ability to jump right in and help us with this campus crisis.


Thanks again to Reston Limo. …It was great to just be a phone call away from helping out.”

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