Reston Limousine Staff Go 'Above and Beyond'

Reston Limousine takes pride in the level of customer service provided by our staff, and we are always thrilled to hear from our clients who share their stories.

Dispatch Manager Margaret Day and Dispatcher Larry Jackson

Following is a message we recently received abut dispatcher Larry Jackson and driver Jeff Flemings:

I would just like to recognize Larry (I believe his last name is Jackson) for going “above and beyond” to provide superior client service. I called Reston Limo last night about 10:30 ET in desperation, as I was delayed in Dallas, being diverted to National (versus Dulles, where I live), and told that I would likely have a hard time getting a taxi to take me to VA since we were arriving so late (~2 a.m. ET). Despite things winding down for the night, Larry made some calls — and was able to provide a driver who was willing to stay up to meet me. When I arrived at National, taxis were indeed not readily available, so appreciate Larry making the extra effort to help ensure that I was taken care of and able to get home.

I would also like to recognize the driver, who I apologize — his name escapes me, as I was extremely tired at pick-up. (Note: The driver was Jeff Flemings.) He also went out of his way — as I know he had put in more than a full day, and was in good spirits even after my flight did not actually arrive until closer to 3 a.m. I provided a cash tip to try and show my appreciation, but my thankfulness for his willingness to help goes well beyond whatever tip I could provide.

It is always a pleasure to use Reston Limo, and this recent experience only reinforces. Happy holidays to all —

Dawn Jones
Deloitte & Touche LLP

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