Celebrating Earth Day 2021

Since 1970, the world has celebrated Earth Day on April 22 to mark the anniversary of the modern environmental movement. Reston Limousine is committed to implementing environmentally responsible and sustainable initiatives where we can in our operations. As a member of the public transit and private transportation industry, our group transportation services help divert more vehicles from the roads. Learn more about how our company tries to minimize our carbon footprint, as well as the general public’s.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Reston Limousine is always seeking ways to contribute to a greener world. Here are some of o

  • Recyclable content: All petroleum waste is recycled and reused, metal and cardboard are reycled
  • Energy efficiencies: Half of the fleet runs on diesel, refrigerants are recycled and reused
  • Green equipment: Vehicles made of sustainable materials such as fiberboard and aluminum
  • Paperless systems: Smart tablets have replaced drivers’ trip sheets

Transportation Industry

Reston Limousine specializes in shuttle services to provide public and private transit solutions, as well as motor coach transportation for large groups and events. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists,  motorcoaches are a “carbon bargain.” Here’s why:

Motor coaches leave carbon in the dust. A couple boarding a motorcoach will cut their carbon nearly in half, compared with driving even a hybrid car. And if they take the
motorcoach rather than flying, they will cut their emissions by 55 to 75 percent, depending on the distance.

Group tours = low carbon. Every person who chooses motorcoach travel instead of driving alone reduces his or her carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 85 percent. Moreover, each motorcoach has the potential to remove as many as 55 autos from the highway, reducing congestion.

More efficient than public transit. Because motorcoaches encounter much less stop-and-go traffic than public transit buses, they have notably lower carbon emissions, making them a very green way to travel. In fact,even when not filled to capacity, motorcoaches have the smallest carbon emission factors of any major motorized vehicle.

Celebrate Earth Day in Loudoun

Loudoun County is observing and celebrating Earth Day on April 22 and beyond, from tours at Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery to Sunset Hills Vineyard’s celebration to Walsh Family Wine’s virtual tasting.  Click here to learn more about these events and Loudoun’s “Models of Sustainability.”

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