Driver Spotlight: Dinah Shuman

Our company mission is to exceed client expectations by providing the highest quality of service possible in a timely manner, and our 160 drivers make it possible for us to successfully complete that mission every day.

One example is Dinah Shuman, who was behind the wheel for a recent Public Wine Tour to Willowcroft Farm Vineyards and Corcoran Vineyards.

I just wanted to reiterate how much we appreciated our limo driver, Dinah Shuman, during our Public wine tour on Saturday.

There was a group of 14 of us, and we took the tour as part of a birthday celebration for a friend of ours. We were playing games on the bus, and asked her to play a music CD. Anything we asked her to do, she did without hestitation and a smile on her face. She never once complained to us about the noise level on the bus (at times we were very loud).

I honestly don’t think my friend’s birthday would have been as much fun if we didn’t have such a great limo driver. I’m sure this isn’t the first time she has been recognized, but I feel like you should know what a great employee you have.

Reston Limo is so lucky to have a person like Dinah to represent your company! I had such a great experience, I would not hesitate to take Reston Limo again! Thanks again!

Kudos to Dinah,
Anju Vij

Reston Limousine prides itself on its customer service; if you have been a recent guest of ours, please take some time to give us your feedback online on our Customer Satisfaction Survey. Thank you!

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