Reston Limo to appear on Australian TV show

Our friends Down Under will soon get a chance to experience Reston Limousine, at least on TV!

One of our limos will be the star vehicle on the weekly Australian travel TV show Getaway, which will be filming a segment in early July for an episode on Obama’s Washington. “We’ll be covering an Obama-inspired tour of Washington, to see the sites and speak with people about how Washington has changed with the arrival of their new president. It’s a great time to come to Washington,” Getaway senior researcher Penny Pope says via e-mail.

Destination DC, the lead organization managing Washington DC’s tourism industry, recommended Reston Limousine as one of the area’s most reliable limousine services, she adds.

“When you’re setting up a shoot remotely from overseas, you need those local recommendations. I e-mailed Reston Limo and two other companies. I had an immediate reply from Reston Limo, which really impressed me. I’m working in Sydney, Australia, and when it’s day here, it’s night in Washington, so I’m used to not hearing back from companies until the following day. To have an immediate reply made my decision to go with Reston Limo easy.”

The date for the episode hasn’t been set yet, but once it’s aired, you can view it on Getaway’s Web site at The show is one of Australia’s longest-running and most popular travel programs, attracting about 2 million viewers each week. Also broadcast in New Zealand and throughout Asia, it attracts about 2 million Australian viewers each week.

Following are shots of current episodes from Getaway’s Web site:

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