Reston Limousine Scavenger Hunt 2011

Reston Limousine employees braved the rain on a recent team-building event that had them splitting into three teams  in early March and checking off a list of activities that included getting pictures taken in front of popular Washington landmarks.

Following their limousine Scavenger Hunt, the teams enjoyed dinner at Maggiano’s in Tysons Corner to review photos and add up the points. The red team, consisting of General Manager Tony Simon, Assistant Controller Melissa Beard, Safety & Training Manager Keith Johnson, Sales Manager Darcelle Jazaeri, Fleet Manager Mike Clayton and veteran RLS chauffer Bill Davis (who specializes in weddings and winery tours) won a prize of a comp day.

Dispatcher Caitlin Conroy , a member of the blue team, shared some of the highlights of the event:

  • Jumping the carousel gate for the pony picture
  • Rose (MD/DC Operations Manager Rosetta Crutch) saying over and over “What a hot mess this is…”
  • Mday (Dispatch Manager Margaret Day) and I climbing a wall in front of the Capitol for a pic
  • Me and Rose walking to the front of the huge line at Gtown Cupcake asking if we can cut in line for one cupcake.
  • Losing Ronnie (MD/DC Weekend Supervisor Ronnie Wellsl) at the memorials because we were jogging in the rain!

Joining Caitlin, Rosetta, Margaret and Ronnie on the 2nd place blue team were Contract Manager Jimmy Grey and Virginia Contracts Manager Lawrence warr.

In 3rd place was the purple team, consisting of Reston Limousine President and CEO Kristina Bouweiri, Community Outreach Director Lana Heaslip, Senior Sales Rep Daniel Oh, Sales Rep Christina Diederich, Marketing Coordinator Alyssa Travers and Assistant Nicole Halbach.

Kristina started the company event a decade ago as a way to motivate the staff who helped build a business that today posts revenues of more than $16 million.

In a 2008 interview in the Truly Amazing Women blog, Kristina says the success of the first scavenger hunt all those years ago “made me realize that having fun was truly the key to success. …. I learned that if you invest in making your employees happy, it comes back 100 times.”

If you’d like to try a unique team-building exercise, or just want to offer your staff a day of fun, our staff can help you create a scavenger hunt. We have ready-made lists or can build one for Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Loudoun County and beyond. Call 703.478.0500 Option 1 for more information today!

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