Reston Limousine 2012: New technology, election activity, exciting packages

What’s ahead in 2012 for the Washington DC area’s premier transportation company? Reston Limousine CEO and President Kristina Bouweiri shares the news:

“Our plans for the new year are to roll out some new technology that we bought called eFleet. It’s really amazing, it has double GPS, it has a security feature. It will also help us go paperless so that our chauffeurs will not have to hand in paperwork and our accountants won’t have to handle that as well so we hope it saves us on some labor costs and it’ll make us more efficient so we’re really excited about that.

“We’re also really excited about the fact that it’s an election year which means there’s a lot of activity in Washington DC, a lot of people coming to town, a lot of meetings, a lot of events which will drive a lot of business to transportation, tourism, the hotel business so that”s exciting because as we all know the economy’s a little flat.

“And we’re also going to be launching all sorts of amazing new packages: limo and dinner packages, day trips to great, fantastic places. We tried a New Year’s Eve day trip to New York City that was sold out and very popular. So stay tuned to our website at to see all the new offerings we’re going to offer this year.”

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