Reston Limousine Supports Freedom Team of Wounded Vets

Reston Limousine is proud to support our nation’s troops, and we do so in various ways. Recently, we provided complimentary airport transportation for the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans who were participating in the recent Boston Marathon as part of their rehabilitation at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

The team was started at Walter Reed in 2004 by Achilles International,   a nonprofit organization that helps people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletic events. Here are more details about the team from the Achilles International Web site:

An extension of the Achilles process of physical strengthening, building confidence, and generating a supportive community, the program was adapted to the specific needs of wounded U.S. soldiers. Program participants receive training as well as use of specialized adaptive devices, such as hand-crank wheelchairs.   … All injured military personnel and veterans are eligible for the program, whether the injury is combat or non-combat related.

To find out more about Achilles International, please visit their Web site at

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