Reston Limousine Drivers Defy ‘Snowmaggedon’

We’ve said it before — neither rain nor sleet nor snow deter Reston Limousine from providing service, but DC’s “Snowmaggedon” truly proved it!

From providing a Hummer limousine to a Springfield bride determined to be married despite more than 2 feet to 3 feet of snow in some areas to transporting Maryland and Virginia doctors carrying organs scheduled for transplants, Reston Limousine   came to the rescue on more than one occasion during the first two North American blizzards of the year.

“The bride was desperate, and we sent it out, and we did great,” General Manager Tony Simon told LCT Magazine. “It was tough, but we did it. We got there on time. The wedding went well, although many people didn’t make it, but at least we were able to get them around from place to place.”

“People were calling us and saying, I have no electricity, take me to a hotel,” or asking Reston Limousine to transport other family members to other safe and warm shelters, according to Dispatch Manager Margaret Day. “It was pretty cool” being able to help people in obvious need of Reston Limousine’s services, she added.

Careful planning, including putting up staff in a nearby hotel, allowed Reston Limousine to continue providing transportation service throughout the DC area when other companies could not, she said. She and the other staff members, including drivers, mechanics and other dispatchers, stayed there from Friday night to Wednesday night, leaving for home only on Sunday evening.   “You do what you have to do,” she said.

“We only stopped running buses on Saturday,” the peak snow day, Tony Simon told LCT Magazine. “Monday was a good situation where our buses were out there constantly. Even the Metro was not running, and we even had some of our routes shuttling people form location to location.”

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