What They’re Saying About Reston Limousine …

We wanted to share a very nice letter of thanks from Dr. Bart Borghuis, a neuroscience researcher at Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus in Ashburn, where we operate a shuttle:

On the shuttle Friday night, several items fell out of my HHMI bag — I had left a zip on the top flap open. Just before getting off the bus I noticed only part of the items lying on the floor, tucked them back in and got off the bus without checking carefully.

Hours later I realized first that my toothbrush was missing, then two bank cards, then $250 in cash (few large bills). … Over the weekend, I hoped for the best and tried to forget about it. [Tuesday] morning, the shuttle driver handed me an envelope with in it all my missing belongings, including the money. Apparently it was found by a cleaner then passed to the driver.

I want to be sure that the honesty of the employees is noted and would like to ask you to pass on my appreciation and thanks to Reston Limousine.

Reston Limousine is proud of the quality and character of all of our drivers, including those who operate Reston Limousine’s private and public shuttles throughout the Washington metropolitan area.

For more information about our shuttle services, please visit our Shuttle/Charter Contracts page our Web site at https://www.restonlimo.com/services/corporate/convention-and-group-shuttles/.

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