Client spotlight: Accenture

Consistently excellent service and knowledgeable drivers — those are just a couple of the reasons why companies throughout the metropolitan Washington DC area choose Reston Limousine.

From transporting large groups to offsite dinners and meetings to providing sightseeing tours of the capital for senior leadership visiting the area to town car pickups at the airport, for instance, Reston Limousine is Accenture‘s go-to company.

“Everything and anything that requires wheels, we use Reston Limousine,” says Dana Magnusson, a meeting planner with the global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.

“They’re just the best. They train their own drivers, they have their own cars, … and they’ve been consistent. Other companies will outsource so that they’re a hub and they’ll have independent drivers; you never know what you’re getting. The normal things you worry about, you don’t have to with Reston Limo — you don’t have to give it a second thought.”

“Our executives love the drivers — their tours are really good. Even if they’re just driving an executive from say, the Washington Marriott Wardman Park to Capitol Hill, they’ll take the time to point out landmarks and explain their significance.

“And the drivers always know where they’re going. They’re not working the GPS as you’re sitting there knowing you’re going to be late.”

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