Fun Friday: Manassas, Virginia

~ By Marty Meck

While not many people think of going on a day trip to Manassas, the Reston Limousine team did just that.  Being practically a stone’s throw away from the office, it was nice to check out one of the local areas to see what sort of fun we could discover.

27809717171_bab19d5561_kFor those of you who many not know about the Manassas Autobahn Indoor Speedway inside the Manassas mall, this local gem is pure exhilaration and fun. Speeding through the course at a blistering 50mph, wind in your face, swerving left and right to avoid the other drivers and stay on course, the tires screech as you round the corner feeling as though you might just tip. As your inner competitor takes a hold of you passing everyone on the track, a sheepish smirk begins to form on your face as you know deep down you’ve won. Even if no one else was really trying as much as you, you still hold your head high knowing you have conquered all and no one can take that away from you … but I digress.

The Manassas Autobahn Indoor Speedway just recently and has been a very popular hit with many of the locals in the area.  Inspired by F-1 racecars, the attraction is a must if you’re ever close to Manassas just make sure to bring close-toed shoes unless you don’t mind borrowing their Crocs on hand.  27886332925_38e88c1b27_kWhether you want to have a corporate event, team building exercise, catered event, or just a good time, the Manassas Autobahn Indoor Speedway can host it.

Following this euphoric high, we made our way to one of our favorite places in the area for barbecue, The Bone.  Located in the heart of Historic Old Town Manassas on the other side of the train station, this is one of the best BBQ restaurants around.  With mouth-watering, juicy, fall-off-the-bone pork, beef, turkey, chicken or ribs, we found just what our taste buds were crying for. Complete with all the sides, fixins, and craft beer pours we could ask for, The Bone had it all.  (Just for liability purposes and to be 100% explicit to the readers back at home, this is not something for Vegans, Vegetarians, Pescatarians, 27886364725_5e171813e3_kpeople with Celiac Disease, or any of the other dietary restrictions I may have missed that are affected by meat or gluten).

By now it was about 1:30 and needing to walk off the meal we just scarfed down, we explored Old Town.  With a few shops and restaurants in the area, it was nice to see some of the older and newer companies that had found their home there. While making the rounds, we stopped at the Harris Pavilion taking pictures of the ‘LOVE’ 27274292744_8cebbe78f5_kletters displayed on a train platform. This was a perfect spot to sit down, relax, and really take in the serenity of the town that, with the exception of the firetruck and ambulance that sped through the streets, really was a nice spot to relax.

Now needing something sweet to help balance out our taste buds and escape the summer heat, we headed to Kline’s Freeze for a quick pit stop on the way to the Winery at Bull Run. At the winery, we had a glass of a great summer sipper, their Delaney, and were lucky enough to take in the scenery that is Bull Run:  rolling hills, tree-lined fields, and, at this particular location, vineyards. With the bottom of the glass becoming clear, we headed back to the office as our Fun Friday came to a close.  PicMonkey CollageWord to the wise for the ladies:  Avoid wearing heels to this winery as the parking lot is gravel.

If you’re interested in exploring Manassas’ craft breweries and distilleries, be sure to check out:

We offer public trips to the area’s breweries and distilleries; click here for an upcoming schedule of trips.

Interested in taking a day trip to Manassas without worrying about driving or parking? We have vehicles ranging in size from sedans to motorcoaches and can accommodate any size group. Booking your vehicle is as easy as 1-2-3!

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