It's Fall — a great time to visit the Big Apple

Now that the sidewalks have cleared a bit of all the tourists, it’s time to get up to New York City for some serious shopping, eating, museum-hopping or a show.

Dim sum

If you’re a pro, you just might be able to fit in all those activities on a single day trip. Reston Limousine’s next day trip to NYC will be on Sunday, Sept. 30. There are several seats left, so make your reservation today. Our comfortable bus will pick up groggy passengers at 7 a.m. at the Vienna Metro Station, and after a few hours, will drop off well-rested, energized and revved-up passengers in Chinatown in time for a dim sum lunch.

Central Park

The bus will also make pit stops at Time Square and Central Park before departing from Chinatown at 6 p.m. One-way bus tickets are $25 and roundtrip tickets are $50. Check out what Chinatown has to offer this month here. All the trip’s details are here.

Or, for more information, call us at 703-478-0500. You can also go to our website to see more of what we have to offer — more day trips, wine tours, DC sightseeing excursions, etc.

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