New vehicle policies for Virginia Gold Cup this year!

Spring traditions are in bloom, with many venues and events reopening and returning this year. The Virginia Gold Cup races, which traditionally take place the first Saturday in May, will instead take place on May 29, with new policies this year due to the pandemic. Besides the absence of tailgating and other popular activities, there are restrictions on the size of vehicles.

According to the Virginia Gold Cup website, spaces will be sold on a first come, first served basis for the Spring 2021 race by calling 540-347-2612. Guests will be able to choose from Members Hill (Sold Out) or North or South Rails ($500). Each space will be 12′ wide x 20′ deep and allow a maximum of 10 people per space.


The state’s capacity limits for outdoor events mean that attendance will be limited. Guests are limited to 10 people per space, so no minibuses or motorcoaches will be allowed.

Commercial vehicles that are allowed include:

Limousines are allowed to park only in the general admission area. The driver is not counted as one of the 10 guests if they stay in the vehicle.

SUVs, Van Terras, Executive Van Terras and Sprinter Limos are allowed to park in general admission or in the tailgate spaces – only 10 people allowed inside vehicle, including the driver. The driver is counted as guest and required to have a wristband if they park in the tailgate space. A maximum of up to 10 guests, including the driver, will be allowed entrance into the race.


Through May, we are offering a special promotion on all vehicles except limousines and coach buses:

  • Sunday through Thursday: Rent a vehicle for 3 hours, get the 4th hour free
  • Friday and Saturday: Rent a vehicle for 4 hours, get the 5th hour free


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