Reston Limousine takes you for a Taste of Charlottesville

Get some of the best tastings and tastes of Charlottesville on Reston Limousine’s stress-free day trip on Saturday, Aug. 21st!

Bring a thermos, cooler and snacks, and kick back on our comfortable mini-bus as we first take you to two of the best wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail. Then, it’s on to the downtown Mall, where you can sample some of the best of Charlottesville.

Not sure where to start? Here’s an idea from a recent article in The Hook:

If you like locally sourced food cooked exquisitely, Dish suggests you wander down to Brookville Restaurant on the Downtown Mall (above Escafe) and check out their lunch menu. Chef/owner Harrison Keevil says he’ll start serving dinner around mid-August, when he hopes to get his ABC license, but a visit for lunch now is a great way to get a taste of what this passionate chef has in store for us. …

“I consider myself a 100-mile chef,” he says, meaning the emphasis is on using ingredients grown or raised within a 100-mile radius of Charlottesville. So don’t expect to see the same thing on the menu every week, as Keevil only plans to cook what he can source.

To book your seat on the Aug. 21st Charlottesville day trip, please click here to visit our online Reservations page.

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