Tasting Room Etiquette from the Wine Trail Travelers

With the arrival of spring, Reston Limousine’s public wine tours will become a popular weekend activity. For those new to the Tasting Room circuit, Kathy and Terry Sullivan offer a great article, “Tasting Room Etiquette,” on their Wine Trail Traveler Web site.

The Sullivans, who joined Reston Limousine’s Blogger’s Wine Tour last August, have visited more than 400 wineries in over the last three years and are well-qualified to offer these “simple rules of etiquette can help to make the experience enjoyable for all.”

While some rules follow good common sense (“Don’t act or sound like a wine snob”), others offer an insider’s perspective on the wine tasting, such as:

♦  Do not wear perfume or cologne the day you are visiting winery tasting rooms. The smell will interfere with a wine’s aroma, not only for you, but also for those near you.

♦  If you appear drunk, the tasting room attendant is not permitted, by law, to serve you even if it is a tasting.

♦  The wines for a tasting are presented in a particular order based upon the style of wine. If you choose not to drink a particular wine that’s fine. Gently cover your wine glass with your fingers to indicate you do not want to taste a wine. It is so much more subtle than declaring, “I don’t like that wine.”

Read their complete article at http://winetrailtraveler.com/opinion/columnists/tastingroometiquette.php

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