Winery Spotlight: Doukenie Winery

Doukenie Winery recently unveiled two products that are sure to excite current members of their Wine Club and attract new fans: the 2009 Le Vin Rouge and 2009 Dionysus.

Winemaker and General Manager Sebastien Marquet shared the story behind the two wines at a press event that took place at the beautifully appointed 2100 Prime at The Fairfax at Embassy Row.

You will definitely want to taste these amazing wines for yourself, and we can arrange a private wine tour to Doukenie or you can join one of our public wine tours on the weekends. The next wine tour to Doukenie and Casanel Vineyards takes place this Sunday, April 29 – only 2 seats left! In May, we offer another tour to Doukenie on Sunday May 27.

To arrange a private tour, please call 703-478-0500 and press 1 for sales. For the public wine tour, click here to view our online calendar and make your reservations online!

Doukenie winemaker Sebastien Marquet

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