100WomenStrong donates $300k to 32 Loudoun nonprofits

Veterans in danger of losing their homes, families in need of assistance with groceries, farmers who want to increase organic crops, elderly residents in wheelchairs without transportation options – these are but a few of the groups benefiting from the latest round of grants from 100WomenStrong. As one of the charter members of the Loudoun County-based organization, Reston Limousine CEO Kristina Bouweiri since 2008 has been participating in strategically investing in programs and groups that enrich the lives of county residents.

On May 14, the philanthropy organization met to announce the 10th round grand funding in the amount of $296,935 to 32 Loudoun nonprofits including American Legion Post 2001,  Dulles South Food Pantry, JK Community Farm and  Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers. This year’s funding has brought the total amount of giving by 100WomenStrong to more than $2 million.

“I’m honored to have been a part of this women’s group that has helped so many families in Loudoun over the last decade,” Bouweiri said. “While I’ve directed Reston Limousine’s corporate philanthropy mission to focus on organizations that help children with illnesses, I’ve devoted personal and corporate resources to assisting a wide variety of nonprofits in Loudoun and beyond. I look forward to continuing and even expanding these efforts.”

Please click here to view the full list of 2019 grant recipients.


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