Reston Limousine Offers Free Brewery Tour Passes to Top 5 DC Beer Experts


Reston, VA — In celebration of the rapidly growing craft beer industry in the Washington DC area, Reston Limousine will be releasing “The Hardest DC Beer Quiz You’ll Ever Take” on the Reston Limousine blog at noon Friday. The first five people who score 100% on the quiz will each receive two free passes for a chauffeured brewery tour of their choice.

The 12-question quiz tests knowledge of DC’s rich culture of brewing and its history. Extensive research went into the creation of the quiz to ensure that certain questions remain “unGoogleable.”

On Friday, Jan. 30, at noon, the quiz will be published on Reston Limousine’s blog here.

“In 2011, a handful of dedicated entrepreneurs decided to launch breweries in the DC region focused on quality above all else,” Reston Limousine CEO Kristina Bouweiri said. “These businesspeople exhibit the same kind of perseverance that I strive to cultivate at Reston Limousine. The brewers and their brews alike are true originals.”

Reston Limousine has offered chauffeured brewery tours in DC and northern Virginia since 2014.

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