RLS Management Services

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Being Audit Safe Isn’t Complicated Seminar©

A division of Reston Limousine, RLS Management Services offers a comprehensive program designed for fleet, safety, transportation and dispatch managers in the chauffeured transportation industry to get your company Audit Ready Everyday.

Led by nationally certified Reston Limousine Safety & Training Manager Keith Johnson, this seminar will focus on the passenger carrier and prepare your company for success with your basic DOT audit. This comprehensive seminar will “train the trainer” and prepare you for success with your basic DOT audit. Our goal is to have you AUDIT READY EVERYDAY. WHO should attend?

  • Fleet Managers
  • Safety Managers
  • Transportation Managers
  •  Dispatch Managers

Certificates collageParticipants receive:

  • FMCSA Regulation Book: Management Edition
  • FMCSR Motorcoach/Bus Pocketbook
  • Driver’s Guide to the Federal Regulations
  • CSA Handbook: A Complete Guide for CMV Drivers
  • TSA Motorcoach Counterterrorism Guide
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training: Supervisors Certification
  • RLS Management Services Certificate
  • Copy of PowerPoint presentation
  • Templates of Vehicle files (Maintenance/DVIR)
  • Templates of Driver files (DQ/Medical/Personnel)
  • One month of support and access to online training program
  • FMCSA Record Keeping Reference Guide

For questions about the program, please click here to email Reston Limousine Safety & Training Manager Keith Johnson. Click below for: