Bluemont Vineyard

Bluemont Vineyard is the perfect balance between wine and agriculture. Under the watchful eye of owners Mark and Bruce Zuschmeide and Bob and Kevin Rupy, dozens of wines are produced each season. The vineyard was established in 2007 and since then, the winemakers have consistently produced award-winning wines by the barrel.

Each year approximately 5000 cases of wine are carefully crafted and sold to eager oenophiles.

The small country winery serves as a natural extension of the Great Country Farms CSA across the road, which was founded by owner Mark Zuschmeide back in 1993. Mark had years of experience growing fruit and vegetables for his pick-your-own-produce orchard and decided to parlay his knowledge into growing grapes for fine wines.

About the Winemakers

Bob Rupy graduated with a BS degree in Marketing from the College of Business and Economics from West Virginia University. When Mark and Bob first decided to establish Bluemont vineyard, Bob began working with winemakers to expand his knowledge of the craft. In the past 7 years, business has blossomed and Bluemont has become a pivotal point on any Loudoun County wine tour.

Co winemaker – Jennifer Trovato Shailor  — grew up on the Eastern Shore and is currently taking classes at Washington State University to become certified in Enology. She started working at Bluemont in the tasting room a few years after it opened, but discovered a passion for the production process. Her creativity and love of science led her to become one of the leading female winemakers in the state of Virginia. She and Bob work together to brainstorm and produce the various wines of Bluemont.


18755 Foggy Bottom Rd.
Bluemont, VA 20135


Open year round.

Tasting room hours: Wednesdays-Mondays: 11 am — 5 pm

General admission no groups over 8 on Saturday and Sunday.


Tasting Fee:  7.00
Reserve Tasting Fee:  15.00
Tour Fee:  5.00

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