Enter to win 2 tickets to Cavalia!

Cavalia — that lavish orchestration of multimedia, equestrian and performing arts — is in town and you can enter to win two tickets to the Sunday, Sept. 27th show, along with luxury sedan transportation to and from the event!

Some details from Cavalia.net:

Acrobatics, aerialists, dancers, musicians and riders are showcased on an enormous 160-feet wide stage; a space so expansive that it allows the horses sufficient room to gallop and cavort, at times completely unbridled. Cavalia is a magical encounter, where the public gets the unique opportunity to witness the incredible bond between horses and humans.

Cavalia is presented under North America’s largest touring tent, a pristine white structure rising some 100 feet above the ground and spanning more than 26,264 square feet. The stage alone is the equivalent to the width of a regulation NFL football field.

Featured in Cavalia are 13 breeds of horses, including Arabians, Spanish Pure-Breeds, Lusitanos, Quarter Horses, Appaloosas and Paint Horses from France, Canada, Spain and the United States.

All you have to do to enter to win the 2 tickets is to send an e-mail to atravers (at) restonlimo(dot)com — and be sure to include your name and contact phone number.

If you don’t win, Reston Limousine also is offering a special package for $89 that includes a ticket to the show and a free shuttle ride departing from American Tap Room at Reston Town Center. The shuttle departs at 12:30 p.m. for the Sept. 27th show, which located under the white big top across the Pentagon.

Before the shuttle departs, you can have a leisurely Sunday brunch at American Tap Room, whis is offering a 20% discount for our guests. Please let us know if you are interested and we will book your reservation for you!

Call 703.478.0500 Option 1 for more information or to purchase your tickets now!

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