RLS Shuttle Buses Help Unveil UMB’s New Pearl Street Gallery

Reston Limousine is the proud campus shuttle provider for University of Maryland, Baltimore, which featured a couple of our buses in their new video unveiling a beautiful mural at the Pearl Street underpass. RLS Shuttle Operations Manager James Bassil and driver Scott Jinks parked the two vehicles back to back, waiting for the word to unveil the artwork, which was featured in the inaugural issue of 1807: An Art and Literary Journal.

“Are you ready for the reveal?! Move those shuttles out of the way!”

With those words by Interim President Bruce E. Jarrell, Bassil and Jinks rolled the shuttles forward to unveil the 32 works by 28 artists. The exhibit will be displayed indefinitely, according to a feature story in UMB News. The mural includes photography, paintings, photographs of three-dimensional pieces, and poetry.

“I think it’s phenomenal and brightens up this area immensely,” Jarrell, an artist himself, said in the feature. “It’ll be a favorite spot of mine to go between campus areas.”

“I am absolutely amazed at how wonderful it looks,” Jennifer B. Litchman,senior vice president for external relations and special assistant to the president, also said in the story. “When you look at it in the journal, it’s so one-dimensional and here it just really springs to life and you can see all of the small details that you couldn’t see in the printed journal,” added Litchman, who also is chair of UMB Council for Arts & Culture.

Click here to read the entire story on UMB News.

Many thanks to Dana Rampolla, UMB’s assistant director of marketing, alumni communications and special projects, for her work in organizing the unveiling. We’d also like to thank James and Scott for their assistance in driving the shuttle buses at this exciting event!

Photos below by Reston Limousine Director of Operations Jake Hartman

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