Speaker Named for Virginia Women's Business Conference

2013 Keynote Speaker

Angela Jia Kim
Founder of Om Aroma & Co. Organic Skincare;
Savor Spa and Savor the Success

Angela Jia Kim is a concert pianist-turned-passionate-entrepreneur. She is founder of Om Aroma & Co. organic skincare; Savor Spa, a boutique spa in NYC’s West Village; and Savor the Success, a community for women entrepreneurs and leaders.

As an accidental entrepreneur who launched without an MBA, money or connections, Angela has become passionate about using her “other hand” to help entrepreneurs with a “we’re in it together” philosophy. It’s this “Give, Give, Get” spirit that has created a national movement.

Angela noticed that most entrepreneurs were overworked, tired, uninspired, and not making a profit in business. Taking her experience as a highly-trained concert pianist-turned-multi-businesswoman, she founded the Manifest Method and Savor Success Circles. This 5-step system and community helps entrepreneurs create profitable businesses and to lead happier and more productive lives.

She launched the 7-Figure Club for successful businesswomen who use the power of business to do massive good in the world. She saw the need for CEOs who were “lonely at the top” and craved a sisterhood of trailblazers who understand the crushing demands, responsibility, and privilege of leadership. “Give, Give, Get” has never been more powerful among the nation’s top leaders.

Angela has become the go-to connector for the national press, America’s top entrepreneurs, and the movers and shakers of the world. “I love making the connection between people when I know it will create electricity on both sides. Whether it’s connecting the Wall Street Journal to the best national expert for a story, or connecting an investor to a passionate entrepreneur with chops and a brilliant idea, I love bringing together the power of people for the greater good.”

Major corporations such as American Express, Chase, Hewlett Packard, and Wholefoods have partnered with Angela to help women entrepreneurs rock the world. She hosts an annual Rock the World conference in NYC for 500 women leaders.

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