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For over 30 years, RLS has been the DC region’s choice for chauffeured services.

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Meet Kimberly Freeman
Shuttle Operations Manager

Prior to Employment at Reston Limousine, Kimberly worked at Canon Business Solutions for six years as a Shipping and Receiving Clerk. After those 6 years, Kimberly decided she was ready for a change of atmosphere and applied for and got an in-house position as a Warehouse Distribution Manager – which meant a move to Atlanta Georgia.

For the next six years, Kimberly managed the distribution of Canon copiers throughout the southeast region of the United States and she obtained the very first 100% inventory in Canon history and was awarded Employee of the year. Canon’s warehouse moved 60 miles from she lived so she decided she would take a severance and regroup.

Kimberly reverted to her CDL that she had retained 16yrs earlier and she applied with Georgia Tech University as a Transportation Supervisor for their shuttle services. The Manager took her under his wing and taught her everything she needed to know about his position as he was leaving and hoped that she would step into his position. For five years she served as The Operations Manager.

After her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and with her mother getting older, she made the decision to come back home to DC to be close to her family – even if it meant starting over. In 2019, Kimberly applied with Reston Limousine before leaving Atlanta and was offered a position to Flex at GMU. Kimberly knew this role would be temporary and that her strong work ethic would show itself. Hearing of an open Supervisor position, and reaching out to Helen Shackelford landed her the Northern Virginia supervisor from 2019 to 2021. Two years later she was promoted to Operations Manager at GMU, and Kimberly has since been promoted to Operations Manager of both GMU and VA shuttles.

Kimberly attended High School at Theodore Roosevelt in DC and studied Business Management at the University of DC. Reston Limousine has become her family and is a staple of Team effort and Great leadership. It makes it easy to come to work each day. Kimberly hopes her story with Reston Limousine encourages others to never give up as there is always an opportunity for growth.

Family is everything to her and in her spare time she loves to spend time with her spouse, parents, and other family members.

Shopping and laughter are her therapy and she is learning to enjoy doing projects around her new home.

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