Reston Limo Customer Testimonial

"I want to share with you the story I have told many of my friends about why I am a Reston Limo customer. On a return flight from LA to Dulles 18 months ago when I was at GTSI, you were scheduled to meet me in baggage for a 10:00 p.m. arrival. Due to mechanical problems with the plane, we were delayed and didn't arrive at Dulles until 4:00 a.m. The airport was totally deserted and our flight had the only passengers in the terminal. When I arrived at baggage claim, your driver was standing there with my name on a card. I don't know when I have been more relieved and delighted. As we left the terminal, my fears were confirmed and there were zero taxis available.This kind of service and reliability means a lot to me and, as a customer, I try to reward it when possible. I continue to use Reston Limo whenever possible."