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38593 Daymont Ln
Waterford, VA 20197
Phone: (571) 439-2255

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About the Winemaker

Located in Waterford, Virginia, 8 Chains North Winery is a family owned and operated business within the Furnace Mountain Vineyards.

The property spans 85 acres and includes the tasting room, vineyard, Compass Rose Banquet Room, Production Room, and  a patio where people can eat, drink, and picnic in the warmer weather.

The vineyard itself consists of approximately 6 acres growing Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Albari; and Malbec varietals. Visitors can enjoy the views of the softly rolling landscape and in the evenings the winemaker is often seen walking the rows with his two German shepherds.

The production room is one of the more interesting areas on the property. Both French and American oak barrels are used to store the wine and the entire ordeal, from processing to fermenting to aging takes place in the production room. The bottling process takes place just outside using a mobile bottling truck. The entire process from start to finish takes place on the 8 Chains North property.

Each year, between 3500 and 4000 cases of wine are produced and enjoyed by visitors and clientele.

Founder and owner Ben Renshaw planted the first vines in 2006. He got his start in the industry back 1998 working for other local vineyards and took the time to hone his craft. His wife, Connie, was instrumental in developing the tasting room in Waterford and continues to play an active role in the business.

Aside from the founders, there are a few other members of the team who keep things running smoothly around the winery. Sydney Smith, the property general manager, ensures that daily operations are attended to, and Erin Hunt, the onsite events manager helps coordinate weddings, tour groups, and large-scale events.

The entire team strives to create a welcoming atmosphere that keeps visitors returning again and again.

Founder Ben Renshlaw planted the first grapes for the winery with his father back in 2006. In 2007, the 8 Chains North brand was born. Today, Ben and Connie are the proud owners of the winery and host tours, tastings, and events throughout the sprawling property. Pets are welcome, though dogs must be leashed in the tasting room.