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120 W Main St
Purcellville, VA 20132

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About the Distillery

Founded in 2009, Catoctin Creek is the first distillery in Loudoun County since before Prohibition. Founders Becky and Scott Harris looked toward the heart of the Loudoun Valley to make Purcellville, Virginia their home for the distillery.  Loudoun County, which is home to some of the best wineries around, can now say it has a distillery as well.

The founders believe in high quality food and spirits and have brought this mentality to come up with their motto, “Sic semper secales!” or “Thus always to rye!” for the non-Latin speaking people out there.  This higher quality means using organic grains and fruits sourced locally when possible.  They also use pesticide- and chemical-free additives that would come through in the spirits they produce.  While this may be more difficult to produce, it does produce better results.

Their passion has helped them to win many awards with the most recent being the 2016 12 Best Craft Distilleries in America, the 2016 Craft Producer of the Year and the 2016 Master Distiller of the Year.  Catoctin Creek spirits make for excellent mixers as well.  They provide a modern twist on traditional favorites.

Scott and Becky are happy producing the finest spirits in Virginia, completely and truly by hand.  This is their passion, and they hope you join them in tasting what they love doing so much.