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3178 Bladensburg Rd NE
Washington, DC 20018

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About the Brewery

As the name suggests, DC Brau is located in Washington DC and is the nation’s capital’s first packaging brewery since 1956.  This now gives DC a beer to call its own; a beer brewed within city limits and available citywide.  It represents a delicious and uniquely American blend of North American and European techniques and ingredients.  Beer that looks just as good in a pint glass at the neighborhood bar as it does in its can on a picnic table.

Their beer reflects the great state of brewing in the United States today.  This has helped make Washington DC an undeniably world-class beer town.  With the choices available to the local beer enthusiast ever expanding, DC Brau helps continue to add their own flavor of microbrews to the corner stores stock.  They are active in participating with DC’s beer-themed events as restaurants hold beer dinners featuring multi-course food and beer pairings.

Owners Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock are two DC residents who grew up music fans, avid bar goers, and enthusiastic men-about-town.  When they noticed the empty tap handle or store shelf where a local beer should be found, they decided to start up DC Brau to help fill that void.  With years of experience in both brewing and beverage distribution, they decided to combine their knowledge and passion of the city to for a perfect team to bring delicious, locally brewed beer to the consumers of DC.

For those looking to tour the facility, they ask that you wear close-toed shoes due to the active production and manufacturing going on.  These tours are given on Saturdays but the tasting room is open seven days a week.  Come see what they have to offer and taste the capital’s brew.