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13726 Hume Rd.
Hume, VA 22639

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About the Winery

The Desert Rose Ranch and Winery motto states that the family takes their wine and wine making very seriously but not themselves. This perfectly captures the Claymiers’ approach to the family business and illustrates their love for their craft.

Founders Bob and Linda strive to create the absolute best product they can bottle, and firmly believe that drinking wine is one of life’s main pleasures best accompanied by good food and laughter.  They both have a passion for classic cars and beautiful horses along with fine wine. Though, historically, there has been some skepticism about the quality of Virginia grapes, Desert Rose Ranch and Winery produces some of the best wines in the world.

Bob Claymier retired from the federal government years ago and settled down in the Hume, Virginia area with his wife, Linda. At first, the couple started a successful horse operation that included breeding, boarding and training. Then, they decided to grow a small plot of grapes for family use. Like many hobbies, it morphed into a business of its own.

The Claymiers noticed that they were surrounded by some of the finest vineyards in the country and decided to sell wines of their own creation. Today, they run the ranch operation alongside the vineyard, and visitors to Desert Rose Ranch and Winery may find some horse-related happenings during their visit.

Bob grew up with homemade wine being a part of his upbringing and he has continued that tradition. Forty years later, he is still making wine!

Bob and Linda are proud to be parents to two daughters and grandparents to three grandchildren who occasionally assist in the tasting room at the winery.  They are proud that Desert Rose Ranch and Winery is a part of this booming industry.