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9436 Center Point Ln
Manassas, VA 20110

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About the Brewery

Heritage Brewing Company is a uniquely American brewery.  Established in 2013 in Manassas, Virginia, they are a veteran owned and operated microbrewery.  They believe that as veterans and patriots, they owe it to their patrons to only produce the finest beer made with the best ingredients with the same level of attention to detail and passion that they brought to serving the country.

Using 100% of American sourced ingredients and organic base malts, 92% locally sourced or organic ingredients, and 1% of every pint going to charity, Heritage Brewing lives up to their beliefs. While it may cost a little extra, take a bit more effort, and make a lower profit, they put a whole lot of elbow grease into making a better product.  They also thought long and hard about finding ways to reuse, recycle, and reduce their footprint.  All of the furniture is made from old shipping crates and pallets and the beer is brewed from the same water used to chill their wort in the name of bringing you the best beer that’s also good for the environment too.

At the Heritage Brewing Company, you can sit directly in front of tanks used to make your beer.  If you time it just right, you may be lucky enough to taste a fresh barrel aged brew as it comes out.  With local community events and live music when available, you’ll be sure to enjoy great beer and even greater company.

Visit Heritage Brewing Company to help them achieve their pledge: to donate 1% of sales and 1% of their time every year.  This has led them to create their own non-profit and build upon this country’s greatness.