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21730 Red Rum Dr #142
Ashburn, VA 20147

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About the Brewery

Located in Ashburn, Virginia, Lost Rhino Brewing Company got its name from the surfing term, rhino chaser.  This is someone out to find the best and biggest waves, an adventurer to the fullest extent.  The two founders, Matt Hagerman and Favio Garcia, set out on their own adventure in search of discovering the greatest traditions and the wildest frontiers of beer brewing.

The beers they brew are inspired by their experiences on the coast-to-coast journey of choosing the scenic route, the tough challenge, and the road less traveled.  In the brew house, there is great pride in bringing together a global perspective with locally harvested ingredients.  From their pursuit to cultivate wild Virginia yeast strains to the steadfast dedication to local Virginia farms, Lost Rhino makes sure everything they craft is personal.

Lost Rhino partners with rhino activism because they believe in ensuring quality of life for both human and animals.  Their tribute to rhinos is the Megafauna India Pale Lager and portions of the proceeds are donated to the African Wildlife Foundation that works to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

With live music every Friday and Saturday night featuring the best local and regional artists, Lost Rhino Brewing Company has just what you need after a long week.  They have a great menu of food with locally sourced ingredients, growler fills and to go beer, and an ever expanding, changing beer menu.