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14140 Parke Long Ct A-C
Chantilly, VA 20151

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About the Brewery

While living in Stuttgart, Germany during his last two years of high school, founder Sean Hunt realized that the best times in life are the moments shared with family and friends over a glass of quality beer.  This simple realization led him to found Mustang Sally Brewing Company in Fairfax County, Virginia.  The name of the brewery started from his background racing a 39 foot sloop with his crew.  They would always cry out, “ride, Sally, ride!” when the boat, Mustang Sally, would cross the finish line.

The name Mustang Sally is a reminder of what truly matters in life:  family, friends, the special moments experienced with them and the dreams that ultimately come true.  Embracing their American culture and quality beer, they also focus on their deep respect for European brewing tradition when brewing their beer.

After much work trying to craft their brewing philosophy, they came up with “The science of brewing and the art of beer” as their motto to brew by.  With an extensive 14,000 square foot space to operate in, they offer a tasting room fit with a beer garden, a court yard and a traditional tasting room area.  They also offer a menu of small plates and Panini sandwiches pairing perfectly with their beer offerings, and allow for guests to bring their own food as well.

With the experience Head Brewer Kenny Allen has as the previous Head Brewers of both Old Dominion Brewing Company and Old Ox Brewing Company, he knows just what people want when it comes to craft beer.  Join them to see what beer they offer and enjoy your family and friends over a glass of quality beer.