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1832 Fenwick St NE
Washington, DC 20002

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About the Distillery

Located in Washington, DC, two couples Michael Lowe and Melissa Kroning and John Uselton and Elizabeth Lowe own New Columbia Distillers.  As a family owned business, the distillery came into its own as both John and Michael had extensive backgrounds in the restaurant and liquor business.  John worked all aspects of front-of-house restaurant from busboy to award-winning bartender and even manager.  Michael, on the other hand, started off on a Navy submarine and in law before retiring and investing in distilling books.

After a brief apprenticeship with Dry Fly Distillery, John and Michael located their own home for distilling in a 90-year-old warehouse.  In 2011, the two were the first to bring craft distilling to the nation’s capital.  In need of a name for their distillery, the history of The Man in the Green Hat, a bootlegger during the Prohibition period, was the perfect inspiration.

As a truly unique artisanal spirit, each batch of Green Hat Gin is crafted in their DC distillery.  This results in a super-premium gin that excels in both the finest cocktails and with a small cube of ice in a gin-lover’s glass.  With the highest quality soft winter wheat, they finish each batch with chill filtering and bottling by hand at the distillery.  Green Hat Gin is a Washington original.  Come grab a drink and cheers it with your friends and family.