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23600 Overland Dr #180
Dulles, VA 20166

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About the Brewery

Located in Dulles, Virginia, Ocelot Brewing Company loves two things:  Beer and Music.  Craft beer is their passion that has become an obsession and a journey.  The journey they have been on has opened their eyes to some of the finest beers this planet has to offer.  Because of this, their tastes and expectations have forever changed as well as their methods of enjoyment.  The one thing they have come to realize is that they rarely drink the same beer over and over again, and they love to share.

From beer trades, to home brewing, to attending release parties and festivals, their IPAs are constantly revolving depending on inspiration, hop variety, availability and season.  Ocelot makes everything from low gravity Sessions, to Regulars, Double, Triples, and even a San Diego Pale Ale.  With a favoring of big beers like Russian Imperial Stouts aged in spirit barrels and malty Double Red, they invite you to crack one and share it with family and friends.

Ocelot believes in inspiration, and uses it to create some of their unique brews.  Though it can come in many forms and varies from person to person, for them it has always been music to help inspire them with their newest creations.  Music has been the soundtrack to their lives and has crafted every decision they’ve made.  The company is a true reflection of their styles and habits.

They brew the beer they want when they want to drink it.  So if you’re feeling up for a surprise, check out what Ocelot has from one of their many craft beers.